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Thank you so much for being so exceedingly patient, consistently responsive, and sincerely
interested in the outcome of this case for me and my son. I am just beyond grateful—there just
aren’t words enough to describe it! – Jessica F. Sept. 2019 (custody and property division)

Thank you from our hearts! The boys are so happy. Dave H. 10/28/19 (custody)

Thank you for all of your hard work and effort. – Lisa G. 6/13/18 (custody)

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to my case! – Motoe G. July 2017 (contested

Should the need ever arise I know where to turn as well as who to refer to should friends or
family have domestic legal concerns – Kathy H. Nov. 2019 (contempt petition and property

You have been working with me for several years and I will never forget it. Through it all you
have remained respectful and professional. I am grateful for your help and perseverance. You
have been terrific. I will always refer friends/co-workers to you. Thank you for everything!

  • Teresa K. Aug. 2019 (divorce, property division & alimony)

Thank you so much, you are amazing! – Erin K. Dec. 2018 (custody)

You are the absolute best. I am very grateful. – Tommy R. June 2019 (custody)