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Protection from Abuse

Protection From Abuse Lawyers Delaware

At the Newark Law Office of Michael S. Corrigan, one of my primary areas of practice is protection from abuse (PFA). I represent clients seeking a restraining order as well as those the order is filed against. I bring a meticulous approach to these cases as accuracy is extremely important in making sure that victims and their children are protected as well as making sure that false accusations are not allowed to damage an individual’s reputation.

Protecting Your Rights In Abuse Cases

If you are involved in a protection from abuse case, contact Delaware PFA Lawyer Michael S. Corrigan today to schedule an appointment. My office is in Newark, Delaware for your convenience and I serve New Castle County, Kent County and Sussex County, Delaware.

Call 302-455-1212 Today to Speak with an Attorney Who Will Protect Your Rights

If you are someone against whom a protection from abuse petition has been filed, you are at risk of losing a number of things including your home and your children. These aspects of your life are too important to trust to a random attorney. You need a lawyer that will focus on your case like a laser, keeping you fully informed of what you can do to protect your legal standing and reputation.

How I Can Help You In A Protection From Abuse Case

If you are involved on either side of a protection from abuse case, I will work with you from start to finish and provide you with knowledgeable legal counsel. I will help you file your initial petition or modify an existing petition. I also assist clients in PFA contempt matters and provide skilled representation for clients at hearings to determine whether a PFA should be granted.

I will confidently present your case in court, using witnesses such as police officers, medical personnel and family service workers where necessary. Whether you are seeking the protection of a no contact order or are fighting a false claim of abuse, contact Delaware Protection From Abuse Lawyer Michael S. Corrigan today to schedule an appointment.

The Law Office of Michael Corrigan represents clients in Delaware including the cities of Wilmington, Bear, Middletown, Pike Creek, Hockessin, Glasgow, Dover, Smyrna and Newark.