Paternity Testing Laws Delaware

For fathers in Delaware, establishing and maintaining a legal relationship with your child can sometimes be difficult.  The mother of your child may try to use the child as leverage, and withhold the child from you, in order to obtain more child support from you.  And other times a father may not wish to admit he is the father of a child so as to avoid a binding legal and financial obligation to a child that may not be his.  Each of these situations can be remedied with the help of a skilled Paternity Suit Lawyer Serving New Castle County, Delaware.

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If you have concerns regarding your parental rights or obligations, or question whether a child is, in fact, yours, please call The Law Office of Michael S. Corrigan at 302-455-1212. Or, email a Wilmington Delaware Family Law Lawyer here. Mr. Corrigan has many years experience handling all types of family law cases, including paternity lawsuits, throughout New Castle County, Kent County and Sussex County, Delaware.

Determining Parentage In The State Of Delaware

A father will often acknowledge paternity of a child through his actions, behaviors and interactions with the child. Determining that he is the father in these circumstances is not difficult.  Other times a father may sign a written, legally binding document as a means of claiming parentage over a child. Sometimes, however, establishing paternity is not always so cut and dry. In situations where the actions and behaviors of the father  do not demonstrate or acknowledge parentage, seeking legal recourse may be the only way to establish paternity over a child. This will ideally also benefit the child as well as it will be cared for on various levels.

A very common method of uncovering parentage is through DNA, or genetic, testing. There are several ways a DNA test can be carried out but is often done by a quick and painless oral swab of the parties and the child in question.  After parentage has been  determined the courts will, if requested, enter orders on child support, custody and visitation.

How A Newark Delaware Family Law Attorney Can Help You

Raising a child is difficult enough even when it is an ideal situation between the mother and the father. If you add finger pointing, placing blame, infidelity  or other unpleasant emotions into the equation it can get very complex and dysfunctional very quickly. Working with and retaining a Newark Delaware Paternity Lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and that the best situation for the child will come about legally through the courts.

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