Grandparents Rights In Delaware

Often times, and for many different reasons, grandparents may need to seek legal counsel regarding their rights to see their grandchildren. In addition, grandparents may also seek to obtain visitation, partial custody and or primary custody of their grandchildren who are under the age of 18. The state of Delaware acknowledges that grandparents have rights when it comes to their grandchildren, their relationships with their grandchildren and what is best for the children. If you have minor grandchildren and have concerns regarding your rights to see them and be involved in their lives it makes sense to consult with a Wilmington Delaware Grandparents Rights Lawyer.

Grandparents Rights Attorneys Newark Delaware

Contact The Law Office of Michael S. Corrigan at 302-455-1212 regarding your legal rights as a grandparent. Or, email a Middletown Delaware Grandparents Rights Attorney via email here. Wilmington Delaware Family Law Attorney Michael S. Corrigan is well versed in Delaware Family Law and will do his best to fight for your rights so that you can be a part of your grandchildren’s lives. Call him today to arrange a consultation as he serves all of New Castle County, Kent County and Sussex County.

Grandparents Rights Regarding Visitation And Custody

Having a grandmother and or grandfather who take an active role in a child’s life can do wonders for the emotional and mental well being of that child while the life of the grandparent is also enriched. The state of Delaware realizes this and will typically allow a grandparent to petition for custody and or visitation rights in several circumstances:

1. If one or both of the parents are deceased;

2. If the parents were never married or did marry but are now separated for more than 6 months or are divorced;

3. If the grandchild(ren) lived with the grandparents for an extended period of time and were then removed from the home; and/or

4. If the grandparents were providing financial, educational and emotional support for the grandchild(ren).

If one or both of the parents of the grandchild(ren) is able to meet the physical and emotional needs of the child(ren) then it may be difficult for a grandparent to obtain custody of the child(ren).  However, if there is a documented history of drug use, alcohol abuse, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse and/or neglect, a grandparent can seek  primary custody under Delaware law.

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