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Delaware Divorce Attorneys

Divorce, or legal dissolution of a marriage, is very common in Wilmington, Delaware. A divorce, even when amicable, can induce great pain, anguish, resentment and a host of other unpleasant feelings, situations and scenarios for all involved. In the unfortunate event of a marital separation or divorce in Wilmington, Delaware it is imperative that you consult with a Wilmington Delaware Divorce Attorney about protecting your rights under Delaware divorce laws.

While no two divorces are alike, a common thread in all divorces is that the legal process can be confusing and overwhelming without a knowledgeable attorney to guide you. At the Newark Law Office of Michael S. Corrigan in Wilmington, I work closely with clients to keep them informed of the status of their case at all times and the outcome they can realistically expect to achieve. Divorce is never easy, but having an experienced family law attorney can help.

Delaware Marriage Separation Lawyer

From the initial drafting of the divorce petition through finalizing your divorce and dividing your marital property, my clients will always know what to expect. I begin by counseling my clients on how to protect their finances heading into a divorce. To schedule an appointment, email a Newark Delaware Divorce Lawyer today.

At the Law Office of Michael S. Corrigan, I handle all legal matters related to contested and uncontested divorce including the following:

I work with my clients to determine their best options, whether it be going to court or settling the case outside of the courtroom. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques such as mediation are generally less stressful, more affordable and efficient than taking matters to trial. If a case is not able to be settled, I will identify the steps you need to take to put yourself in the best position to receive the highest percentage of the marital estate you are entitled to.

Child Support and Modifications

In Delaware, child support is based on the Melson Formula which takes into account the gross income of each parent and factors in deductions for items such as health insurance premiums paid, retirement plan contributions, children being supported from other relationships, and the number of overnight visits the party enjoys with the child(ren). An experienced attorney can make sure that your child support order is fair. Generally, a child support order must remain in effect for two years and 6 months before it can be modified absent a significant change in financial circumstances.

For all matters related to your divorce, you need an experienced attorney to inform you of your legal options and protect your best interest. Call 320-984-2484 today to schedule an appointment. You can also click here to email Wilmington Delaware Divorce Lawyer Michael S. Corrigan.

The Law Office of Michael Corrigan represents clients in Wilmington, Delaware including the cities of Wilmington, Bear and Newark; as well as all areas of New Castle and Kent Counties.