Child Support

Newark Child Support Lawyers

Any time a relationship does not work out, whether it a marriage that is dissolving or two people that just do not want to be together anymore, it can get very complicated if those two people share a child. Issues regarding child support are always some of the most difficult to deal with in any domestic law case. Both sides need to be treated fairly financially while the child’s needs and welfare are also taken into consideration. It is always in your best interest to consult with a skilled and experienced Lawyer who practices Family Law when addressing any issues regarding child support.

Calculating Child Support in Delaware

In the state of Delaware child support amounts are determined by Delaware’s Child Support Formula and Guidelines. Several factors such as each parent’s income and expenses related to the children come into play. Also, the percentage of custody each parent has may impact the amount of monthly child support. Lastly, the number of children involved also helps determine what amount will be paid in child support.

Should one parent be intentionally unemployed or underemployed I will do my absolute best to get you and your child the full amount of child support you are entitled to according to Delaware child support law. I routinely work with vocational and professional experts to determine the other parent’s true earning potential. I am experienced at income tracing should the other parent not fully reveal all income sources.

Delaware Child Support Modification

It is not uncommon for child support amounts to be modified. They can be both decreased as well as increased. If either parent experiences a change in lifestyle, income or employability there may be a legitimate need to alter the current child support amounts. I possess a plethora of experience handling modified child support cases and will do everything in my power to help you through this stressful situation.

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