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Child Custody

Newark Child Custody Lawyers

Decisions on how your child’s time will be divided between you and the other parent can be very difficult, frustrating and even frightening.  No matter how challenging your child custody dispute might be for you, it is probably even more difficult for your child.  That is why it is important to maintain focus on achieving a final result that is in the best interests of your child. Sometimes obtaining such is possible with just a little give and take by both parents until a written custody agreement can be reached.  Other times, unfortunately, obtaining such a result is only possible by going to court.

Newark Delaware Family Law Attorneys

At the Newark Delaware Child Custody Law Office of Michael S. Corrigan your rights, and those of your child, will be protected during this most trying time. Contact an experienced Delaware Attorney at 302-455-1212 to discuss your questions about Delaware child custody and visitation guidelines and to discuss your unique situation. You can also email a Delaware Child Custody Lawyer. Mr. Corrigan has an office in Wilmington, Delaware and has the necessary experience to effectively fight for you.

Delaware Child Custody Issues

Important questions must be considered when determining how to divide or share a child’s time in a custody arrangement.

  1. How willing is the other parent to honor frequent and continuing contact by both parents?
  2. Has there been abusive contact by either of the parents in the past?
  3. Does one parent offer more stability for the children during this difficult transition?
  4. Are both parents willing and able to share in important decisions involving the children — and actually come to an agreement?

The Delaware Family Court is moving away from the archaic notion that a child should reside primarily with one parent while visiting the other parent only on alternate weekends.  More and more frequently, cases are being resolved following a shared parenting schedule as this can often be in the best interests of the child.  Whether yours is a true shared time custody arrangement or one where your child spends more time with one parent than he or she does with the other, your child should be afforded the opportunity to be parented, nurtured and guided by both parents.  At the Law Office of Michael S. Corrigan we can help you negotiate a child custody and visitation agreement that serves the best interests of your child and preserves your interests as a parent.

Contact A Newark Delaware Child Custody Lawyer

Experienced and compassionate legal counsel can make all the difference when you are facing child custody and visitation issues after divorce. For skilled representation in New Castle County, Delaware, call Mr. Corrigan at 302-455-1212 to schedule a consultation.