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An Approachable Family Lawyer in Wilmington, Delaware

delaware divorce lawyers Delaware Divorce Lawyers

Are you are going through a family issues in Delaware that require legal intervention and an experienced attorney? These issues can include divorce, child custody issues, child support issues and spousal support issues. If so, please know that no matter what you need the help of our skilled Delaware divorce lawyers. You absolutely need a DE family law attorney with an in depth knowledge of divorce laws in Delaware as well as statutes pertaining to all aspects of Delaware family law. that can help you move forward with confidence and your choice of attorney can mean the difference between getting through this ordeal with your rights and interests being protected vs. it going horribly wrong for you and your children.

At the Law Office of Michael S. Corrigan in Newark, Delaware, our Newark Delaware divorce lawyers have many years personal experience in divorce and custody issues and understand the emotional toll family issues take on clients. They bring a comprehensive and meticulous approach to family law, working diligently to resolve your legal matter in an efficient and favorable manner. Our Delaware family law attorneys routinely help guide Delaware residents through the very complex Delaware family court system. Please contact my New Castle County family law office today for sound legal counsel and confident family law representation. We look forward to working with you to ensure the protection of your rights both as an individual and as a parent.

Basic Delaware Divorce Laws & Statutes

There are laws and legal procedures associated with divorce and all elements of family law in Delaware. A Delaware divorce will only be allowed by the courts once you have been separated for at least 6 months. This is commonly referred to as the ‘cooling off’ period. The only exception to this is if you are filing for divorce due to any type of abuse such as emotional, mental or physical. Other types of misconduct may include infidelity and desertion/abandonment. It is important to note that filing divorce on these grounds means that you will have to prove abuse before the divorce will be granted. If you can prove this then there is no time frame regarding legal separation prior to divorce.

As many times a divorce is a direct result of financial strain couples cannot afford to live separately during the separation period. According to Delaware law you can be legally separated while living under the same roof. During this time you must maintain separate bedrooms and cannot have sexual relations.

In order for you or your spouse to file for divorce you or your spouse must have resided in Delaware for at least 6 months immediately prior to filing.

Delaware Divorce Laws Involving Children

Children can be severely impacted by divorce or dissolution of a marriage. The scars they bear emotionally can be worn for life. Many times the trauma a child associates due to a divorce happens for years after the divorce is final, especially if there is dysfunction between the parents such as arguing, fighting, manipulation and using the children as leverage.

There are steps parents can take in order minimize the damage done to a child during a divorce. Delaware law mandates that parents enroll in, and successfully complete, parenting education courses. These courses are offered throughout the state and I can help you enroll and get this process started. The courts will not approve or grant your divorce until both parents have completed the course.

What Rights Do I Have When Going Through A Divorce

Many Delaware residents are not sure what their rights are when trying to get through difficult family law issues. These can be some of the most trying times you will ever endure. This holds true for the adults as well as any children involved and I will explain your rights to you and fight to protect them. While divorces that do not involve lawyers happen they are not the norm. Odds are your soon to be former spouse will enlist the help of a Middletown, DE family law lawyer and that can give them an unfair advantage during the divorce process and proceedings. It can also impact the ultimate outcome of your divorce including financial stability, custody and child support orders. You absolutely have the right to be treated fairly and have your interests and your children’s interests looked after.

Our Wilmington Delaware divorce lawyers my ultimate objective and goal is to resolve your family law issues quickly and affordably so you are free to move on with your life. Many times divorce, child custody and child support cases can drag out and can be emotionally exhausting. Our Hockessin, Delaware divorce attorneys provide skilled legal counsel and representation to Delaware clients in a broad range of family law and other legal matters including:

  • Divorce -this includes same sex divorce, contested and uncontested divorce and divorce regardless of net worth
  • Custody & Visitation -this includes initial custody agreements and modifying existing agreements
  • Protection from Abuse (PFA) as well as domestic violence, restraining orders, protective orders and peace orders
  • Child Support -this includes original child support orders as well as revising existing child support orders
  • Spousal Support -including original orders as well as altering and modifying existing orders due to lifestyle change
  • Criminal Defense -includes criminal charges related to a family law case such as assault, stalking or domestic violence
  • Issues surrounding divorce: division of marital debt, division of marital assets and business valuation
  • Father’s rights
  • Division of property -including primary residence, vacation and rental properties
  • Division of assets and discovering hidden assets
  • Business valuation
  • Grandparent’s rights
  • Third party visitation- including stepparents
  • Paternity suits
  • Military divorce
  • Annulments
  • Ante, pre and post-nuptial agreements

Why Hire Our Glasgow Delaware Divorce Lawyers

We are cognizant of the fact that you have many Delaware divorce lawyers to choose from. Our legal advocates separate themselves from the others by being accessible. Most Delaware divorce lawyers who serve the Newark, Middletown and Wilmington areas are part of large law firms that handle numerous areas of law unrelated to family law, divorce, child custody and child support. Once you retain the lawyer your case may be handed off to an associate, paralegal or secretary. You may rarely hear from or be in communication with, the attorney you hired. That is not the case at our firm as our New Castle, Delaware family law attorneys feel that is horrible customer service.

We strive to keep my clients well informed and engaged in their case from start to finish, as our family law attorneys believe having good information will allow you to confidently make decisions that will affect your future. I ultimately want to put you in the best possible position to resolve your case in a way that best protects your legal interests.

Connect With Our Delaware Divorce Lawyers

Our Delaware family law office is located in Newark, Delaware and is open 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Weekend hours are available by appointment. In an effort to serve you, while understanding that family law issues can cause great financial strain, my fees are reasonable and I accept Visa and MasterCard. Do not hesitate to contact our Newark, Delaware family law office today to schedule an initial appointment.

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